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myTime Easy 1.0.1

Take control of your life


  • Colour coding
  • Calendar format
  • Include as much data as you want
  • Export as XML or Excel


  • I'd like some alarms

Very good

I don't know about you but I've realised in the past few weeks that if I don't get myself organised I just end up wasting my day getting dressed, looking for my keys, brushing my teeth and making a sandwich, by which stage it's time to go to bed. I've tried a number of planners, calendars, diaries etc but still I'm a mess. Let me tell you, I am now ready to get serious, which is why I'm glad to have found myTime Easy.

The software allows you to plan all activities in your life - work, rest and play - displaying all in a presentable calendar form. Highlight your precious time of the day in white and edit all entries adding as much or little extra information as you wish. You can also export data as XML and Excel onto your PC meaning that finally you might get some control of your life. However, what I can't find are the alarms I need to remind me when something important is happening. Without alarms, I'm afraid I have little chance of doing anything.

Very usable organiser with colour coding and calendar entries

myTime Easy supports the following formats


Need to know how much time you spend on personal projects, sports or regular work? Add categories and activities as you need. If you need to know total time spent on different projects or work, the statistic function allows you to make your selections and show the results. If you need more detailed information on your projects or work, or need to add hourly wages, write invoices and so on check myTime!

Your data can be exported to XML and excel format.

myTime Easy


myTime Easy 1.0.1

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